We pass them by every day in the streets of Polish cities and towns. We see them brewing their coffee in offices and ringing up our groceries in local shops. We see them stressing about exams and cheering their national football team. They renovate and clean our houses. They study at university. They run companies. Some of them have been living here for decades. Many came only recently, fleeing from war, political chaos and an economic crisis. Today, they are part of Poland’s social landscape. We see them take their first steps in a foreign country, trying to rebuild their lives. We watch those who only came to Poland for a little while, to make some quick money and go back home to help their families.We also follow the lives of those who have made Poland their home. They run successful companies, find success in sports and art. We watch them experiencing war in their everyday life, see their moments of joy and doubt as they face this different and sometimes hard to understand Polish reality.

Year of production:

Documentary series

Commissioned by:
TVP Dokument