No Hero At All

Michał is a multiple time Champion of Poland in Alpine skiing for people with disabilities. Both his arms and legs have not developed fully. When he is accused of stealing scooter bikes, he loses his spot on the Polish National Team. Thus Michał’s future career and his planned participation in the Winter Olympics hangs in the balance. The young sportsman gets one last chance to get back on the team. Will he manage to overcome his shortcomings and ditch the crowd that has brought him to the edge of a cliff? This struggle will turn out to be his biggest challenge yet.

Trailer – No Hero at All

Year of production:

Observation documentary

Michał Kawecki

Michał Kawecki

Editing :
Hubert Pusek

Unlimited Film Operations

Telewizja Polska S.A., Silesian Film Fund, Wajda Studio

Polish Film Institute